The Manila Ocean Park Experience

One of my favorite photos we took from the Oceanarium

It was a nice Thursday. It was my birthday. I honestly have no plans today or whatsoever. I just wanted to relax from work. It was nice of Arcy to ask me out and do some sight-seeing. He wouldn't tell me where to go at first. He just said "Make sure you bring your handycam with you."

Behold! The map of the Oceanarium!

I suddenly thought of a place within the metro where I would need to bring my handycam. Then I figured out The Oceanarium in Quirino Grandstand.

Well, I was right...

It was a rough ride going there. The cab driver we rode was also not nice. Trying to dupe us. Well, too bad for him as he didn't succeed. Arriving at the Oceanarium, there was a short queue to the entrance.

The entrance part. Showcasing fresh water fishes

We were inside a big dome when we got inside the facility. It was nicely done although it's still not finished. The Oceanarium offers two-storey ocean-themed park which are divided into 7 divisions.

1. Agos (Flow) - In this section you will learn the natural flow of water from land to sea. This area features creatures that are not found in the salt water. You will also find the "Touch Pool" in this area where you can have a hands-on to some creatures like star fishes.

Hands-on with the blue starfish

2. Bahura (Reef) - This section features fascinating creatures found in the Philippine coral reefs.

3. Laot (Fishing Ground) - This area showcases fishes from deep fishing waters.

4. Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean) - You will be able to see creatures found at the ocean.

5. Ang Kailaliman (The Deep) - See deep-sea creatures here.

6. Pagi (Stingray) - A fashion array of different rays.

7. Pating (Shark) - Shark viewing area.

A diver cleaning one of the filters from inside the giant aquarium

It was an educational experience. The place still needs improvement and I believe it'll become magnificent once it's finished. After this, we went to Mall Of Asia to see The Cronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. ^_^

All images are available in my multiply online hub ( In addition to the photos, I have also prepared a short video clip of our short tour at the Oceanarium. Background music is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

*Update 01-07-2010: YouTube muted the video herein due to copyright restrictions. Will re-upload soon.

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