Farewell Eudemons Online... Hello Granado Espada!

It's been like two and a half years experience with Eudemons Online. I have made good friends with people I only met in-game. I have also spent countless money to raise my character to where it's at right now. I've ended level 123 (level 135 being the maximum). It was a nice experience though, at the same time, it's about time to try out another gaming experience.

Granado Espada Poster

Okay! I'm a hardcore gamer and being one takes dedication to whatever we love doing at. I haven't completely left Eudemons Online. I still go online, perhaps every other week and would only stay there for like 5 to 10 minutes. I also haven't seen my good friends recently. Alex, Dylan, Rod, Meg, John_Ken, Eiyesha. I'm not quite sure what the names of the others are as I only know most of them through their in-game characters. ^_^ Oh well, we stay in touch through MySpace though.
The last time I hear, Rod is now into Cabal Online. It has also made a debut in the Philippines last May 24, 2008 for the open beta testing. During that time, I’ve also been thinking if I would try out a new MMORPG.I have the following on my list:

1. Rappelz
2. Silk Road Online
3. Perfect World
4. Lineage II
5. Cabal

(In-game photo) Elementalist and Wizard at Port of Coimbra

Those MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), are the leading in the market recently. However, knowing me as somewhat a nostalgic person, I am still looking for something that would fit my taste.

(In-game photo) Musketeer, Elementalist and Wizard at Port of Coimbra

(In-game photo) Yes! You can make your characters pose!

Then I was introduced to Granado Espada (Distinguished Sword). Produced by the legendary game producer Hakkyu Kim. Made in South Korea. Developed by IAHGames in Singapore and distributed by E-Games in the Philippines. The game has won tons of major awards on its release last 2007. Too overwhelming for a recently released game. It has won the best game award, including best in graphics. I would have to say the graphics is really exceptional.

(In-game photo) queer pose!

The game features MCC (Multi Character Control) which would allow you to play 3 characters at a time. This reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII. This is also my first time to be introduced to a Musketeer character class. You may also recruit NPCs to join your family and lots more.

(In-game photo) Runway-model type of characters! You won't get these in other games!

Thanks to my friend Ken. All credits to him for introducing the game to me. Not to mention boosting my new character, the tour, and the in-game money he gave me all in order to start well in the game economy. Upon trying the game, I realized how much I like it. It has a Baroque Era theme which means game characters won’t be normally dressed on battle gears. They’re surprisingly wearing fancy masquerade ball type of clothes.

(In-game photo) My scout character. Posing at the Port of Coimbra

It was fun. Majority of the NPCs, mobs, and places are either named in French, Spanish, or Latin. The experience is worth it. I have begun spending money on it. The best part is that it’s way more affordable than Eudemons Online.

(In-game photo) Soho, a playable NPC (Ironic?)!

See you in-game!

Family name: Tonicadvent
Main Characters: Musketeer, Scout, Wizard
Server: Pachelbel
Faction: Liberatus (Neutralist)

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Michelle said...

I'd like to try this out too!

Mark said...

Looks like a must-play game