LSS Reunited

Lee with husband Benjie

LSS (Lab Support Specialists), are the support team leading new hire associates transitioning from training to operations. That's where I came from when I was still with IBM looking back two years ago. Two years later, there we are, though we may not be complete, but the get-together was great.

Cindy with LJ

Seeing my old colleagues brings back good memories. Seeing them improve while the others got worse, is still exciting to know. Among whom attended aside from myself are L.J., Jean, Cindy, and Nathalie. Along with us are Jean's husband, Benjie, and Arcy.

Jean with her husband

Rendezvous is in "The Thai Kitchen". Of course, they serve Thai cuisines. They only offer buffet for only Php 245.00 and the experience was quite so-so. With this reason, we are looking forward to seeing the others some time again and hoping that more people would attend!

About Kirk

I am liberal, not liberated; Gentleman, yet slightly agressive; God-fearing and believing, but not doctrinal religious; A fighter of organizations for people, not a fighter of people for organizations; Dominant, not domineering; Frank and true, yet tactful; Hardly gets pissed, but easily gets chilled; Activist, but a couch potato.
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